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FX Money Map is the most powerful and accurate Forex trading system on the market. Our unique multi-time frame GRIDS will be your indispensable tool to making profit in the fx market.



What our clients are saying:

"The twin problem of all traders is fear on one side and greed on the other. I have come to terms with greed but fear overwhelmed me and quite properly so when last time I inter-day traded because for all my indicators (and my method had over 21 components) I could not optimize my entry and exit points. Now that I have your grids I can see where I was correct in the past...but more importantly wrong.

I discovered this morning that with your grids and a one minute chart I can combine the best of what I have done in the past with your system and risk so far appears to be minimal. What I love most emphatically is the ability to place tight stops with confidence that your grids justify. Using the information your grid system displays will be a pleasure to be stopped out because given what I see of your methodology that is a justified loss.

I have been trading without fear today. I truly want to thank you. That is quite the psychological gift. Stress is, I believe, the number one reason people who would be qualified in every other way fail at this enterprise. Fear is justified because one doesn't have enough information to securely quantify risk. This service of yours give that "X factor" or risk not only a name and a face but a number!

I can look forward to intraday trading again. I really am gratefully to you."

John Anthony Moody
Los Angeles, USA


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Finally a forex trading software that is dependable, easy to use, and eliminates the complexity out of Fibonacci multi-time frame charting! With FX Money Map forex trading software in your possession, the all too common stress of currency trading will be a thing of the past. Now you can trade with confidence, and more importantly success, as you consistently log 10-20 pip profits!

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BBC Forex Money Map Exclusive

Andy Shearman, previously a Senior FX Market Maker for Citibank in London and present director of TraderHouse Global Ltd., was recently featured on UK BBC television in his forex trading and training room during the daily live forex training session. Now that same intensive forex training and instruction, previously only available to an elite few, can be accessed and learned by you daily - and IT'S FREE!

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The Forex Money Map Software Grid System

At the heart of any good forex trading software platform there must be a reliable and comprehensive charting algorithm that takes into account, in real-time, the entire scope of what is happening in all the major forex markets. Now, for the first time, you can demystify currency movements yourself with DFT (Dynamic Fibonacci Trading) using dynamically updating Fibonacci bands across multiple time frames - ALL ON ONE GRID!

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Why Trade the Forex Market?

Previously a market only available to professional trading houses and interbank traders like Andy, the spot forex currency exchange is now open to all investors. With global economies tied together like never before, there has never been a greater opportunity for you to get a piece of the 2 trillion dollars traded daily than now! Learn forex basics (the stuff every successful trader must know) and why this exciting market can't be ignored.

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